another bot with backdoor…

on 12 Jan 2008 i wanted to test a bot from China… it´s name is freehands and also includes backdoor functionality… so be carefully and always use a antivir software product… i recommend kaspersky or avira ;O)


We found a new SL bot with a backdoor in it!

There is a bot from Redbaron Laval which has a backdoor function …
it´s sending second life username and password to one of his SL accounts …
he is selling the bot via slexchange …

Hey ho, lets go!

Wooot!!! Version 2.00 of pikkubot is released.Thats rapid development, isn´t it?

I have the deepest respect for Eves, who is spending so much of his leisure time!

We got almost 30 new customers the last month.
Thank you so much for your confidence in our product and us!

Any suggestions and any criticism are always appreciated.

a new second life landbot project

Inspired by several postings in blogs and newsgroups, i started to develop a second life landbot with the project name herbee.

The objectives are to get more knowledge about second life technologies and not to create a competitive product to our product pikkubot.