1) windows application multi threaded (finished beta already)

  • set up multiple search Bs (done)
  • set up multiple buy Bs (done)
  • set up search criteria and purchase criteria (done)
  • save/load configurations (done)
  • log into Second Life (done)
  • execute multithreaded search for land sales (done)
  • save search results to SQL Database (done)
  • execute multithreaded land purchase
  • save purchase results to SQL Database
  • provide different SQL Database connectors (MS SQL Server, mySQL)
  • parcel management (parcel property settings, covenant, info and price settings)
  • limit search to a preferred SIM preselection

2) installer /updater

  • provide a clickonce application
  • update check will start on start of the bot

4) web portal

  • admin login
  • customer login
  • WIKI (documentation)
  • Forum
  • RSS

5) web services


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