step 1:

  • provide an event scheduler
  • provide a day planner
  • save customers Aviname & UUID in contacts
  • manage mailing lists
  • let bot tell customers what hours are available in schedule
  • arrange appointments and set them in calendar fully automated
  • convert SL Time or SLT to Pacific standard time then calculate from the computer’s time zone setting
  • remind inworld of appointments (save appointments reminder in calendar)
  • takes custom orders from customers for processing to you
  • send mailing to mailing list (IM / Notecard / Object)
  • hand out inventory objects to mailing list along with messages
  • invite people to customer group
  • store data in MS SQL Compact

step 2: provide interface to outlook
step 3: provide interface to thunderbird
step 4: provide different SQL Database connectors (MS SQL Server, mySQL)


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