copybot – copyrights and content creation in Second Life

It seems that the copybot is still a topical subject and there is an other guy selling a new one, which can be found with the keywords “CopyBot SLBot Backup Tool”
It allows the user to create a replication of an object, including textures, that is fully permissive.

On Friday, April 11th, 2008 laurap linden stated the following:
“CopyBot Infringement – A Terms of Service Violation
Finally, to reiterate our policy on CopyBot: Any use of it to make infringing copies of our customers’ e-houses violates the Terms of Service and may result in suspension or banning of Second Life accounts. If you believe that a Resident has used CopyBot (or a similar application) to make infringing copies of your content, please file an abuse report and provide as much information as you can to support your claim. Although technology can’t prevent the copying of data drawn on your screen, we don’t tolerate Residents who seek to profit from infringing use of CopyBot.
We’re sometimes asked why Residents are allowed to have or sell copying devices. The answer is that there are legitimate uses of a copying mechanism. It’s the infringement that we don’t allow and won’t tolerate.”

“If you DO think someone has copied something you made and is violating your copyright by profiting from the copying then you do have the option of using the DMCA process to file a complaint. It’s a difficult process, but it is one that we’re willing to help enable because we agree that copying is a disincentive to creation.
The DMCA process provides you with the channel to protect your investment. It’s to your benefit to review the government’s rules for filing a copyright and protecting it, posted at More government-provided information on copyrights can be found here:”

see also blog entries from Cory Linden: OpenGL, Copying, and Stealing
and Robin Linden: <a href=””>Copyrights and Content Creation in Second Life


progress in project herbee

settings are functionable: agents, criteria, save and load configuration (as xml files)… mutli threaded land search seems to work stable now ^^…. (see debug info below)
i tested it only with 10 search clients but theoretically there could be set up unlimited search agents… the continous communication with the SL network consumes about 90% CPU usage, bandwidth 2 to 5 KB/sec, memory consumption is pretty low with 10 SearchBees (about 160 to 170 MB RAM)… set up sql server compact 3.5 and will save results there then… more screenshots and info coming up soon…

new page “buy bots here”

here you´ll find our storefronts where you can buy bots: buy bots here

a new second life landbot project

Inspired by several postings in blogs and newsgroups, i started to develop a second life landbot with the project name herbee.

The objectives are to get more knowledge about second life technologies and not to create a competitive product to our product pikkubot.